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The Fantastic Four is a team of comic book superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe. Although the name suggests the team only has four members, in reality a number of other characters have  ‎ Fantastic Four · ‎ Close associates · ‎ New Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four. After being exposed to cosmic rays, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm found they had amazing new powers. ‎ Thing · ‎ Invisible Woman · ‎ Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four ist ein Comic-Actionfilm aus dem Jahr und die Realverfilmung der . World Symphony. Joss Stone, What Ever Happened to the Heroes. Altersfreigabe ‎: ‎FSK 12; JMK 10. Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantastic Four During the Civil Warthe super-hero community was split in two, one in favor of the Super-Human registration act and the other against it. Strange brings this same team fantastic four heroes together to arrest the Human Torch after he went nova and destroyed a whole quarter of the city. Archived from the original on Handicap bedeutung 30, Die Hochzeit wird abgebrochen, und Susans Bruder Johnny nimmt als fliegende Fackel die Verfolgung des Objekts auf, das sich als der Silver Surfer herausstellt. Robinson later confirmed that Fantastic Four would be cancelled in with issuesaying that "The book is reverting to its original numbers, and the book is going away for a .

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Reed Richards was a scientist and the inventor of the first spaceship capable of reaching planets beyond our moon. After being bombarded by cosmic rays, she came to resemble a female version of the Thing. Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Human Torch Thing. They found him in Latveria where he was manipulating the locals with dragon tattoos. Rise of the Silver Surfer film Fantastic Four:

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Ihre Eigenschaften sehen die Vier als ungewollte Mutationen und beginnen eine Maschine zu konstruieren, um die Verwandlungen mit Hilfe der gleichen Strahlung wieder rückgängig zu machen. Archived from the original on May 27, Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. Hulk -in the Grey Hulk and the Professor personality in different occasions. Joined the team after Reed and Susan Richards took a leave of absence, but remained for some time after their return.


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